Executive Wedding “The Ultimate Wedding Experience!”


Share the moment with family and friends forever. Our Executive Wedding package is the ultimate expression of your love. The best memories are made of things like this.

Don’t worry about missing any great moments, we include two photographers and two videographers with this package. With four professionals on you team, nothing will be left to chance, or missed.

Look good for your wedding day. Our pre-Wedding shoot includes a large 11X14 Framed photo, and two 8X10 framed photos for display at the reception and yours to keep.

Don’t forget your parents, family and friends! We have included lots of photos with this package. 48 8X10 photos, and two sets of 24 5X7, in 3 separate albums, will allow you to share the good memories with those you care for.

Remember the day with the extra large 20X16 framed photo which can be made from any photo taken.

Lost or missing photographs are no longer a problem, we include a DVD with this package which will contain all the photos of this most special day.