About Us


Over the last 50 years we have progressed from the big and heavy ‘view’ cameras where the image was viewed upside down, to the portable film cameras  up to the present day digital era. From a full chemistry based lab to the present Apple Mac  computer based in house Laser jet printing, using the latest photofinishing and editing software.

Over the years we have photographed many professional C.F.L. football teams,sports events of all types, excellence Award ceremonies, pageants, Industry and Industrial related projects, Helicopter aerial photography,thousands of family and baby photographs, thousands of weddings, Grad photos,and commercial photography. Our cameramen have photographed members of the UK Royal family, American Presidents and the late Lady Dianna when she visited Vancouver. In reality, we have shot a lot of people and they still ‘smiled’.  And something to ‘meow’ about, we even photographed cat shows! Of course we also do passport photographs, and corporate head shots.

Our patrons include Chevron Oil refinery in Vancouver,HSBC bank,BurnabyBoard of Trade,Burnaby Caskets,International Union of Operating Engineers, Steel Workers Union, Scotia Bank,SCI among others.

Since 1993 we have embraced the digital computer technology, restoration of old, torn and faded photographs has become our specialty with speedy turnarounds. We can make the prints look vintage style sepia colour or whatever you want, on a tee shirt, mug or we can even serve it up on a plate!

Bernard Diedrich has been a member of the Professional Photographers of British Columbia, Past Directory of the Burnaby Deer Lake Rotary Club (8 years), past member of the Burnaby Chamber of Commerce and Board Of Trade and the Official Photographer of Burnaby Summer Games 1984.